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Valentines - 48 PCs Cootie Catcher Cards

Valentines - 48 PCs Cootie Catcher Cards

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The Valentines’ Fortune Telling Origami includes 8 unique designs and enough sheets to make 48 origami, which measures 4.72 x 4.72 inches.

The designs include your favorite dinosaurs, colorful candies, fruitilicious fruits, sweet desserts, fun theme parks, and all the animals you know!

Classic Craft Toy: It is a classic origami toy that children of all ages absolutely love to play with. It is a timeless toy that will keep your children entertained.

Go Green: The origami is made with recyclable paper and coated with a glossy finish. Included in the box is an instruction manual card on how to make fortune-telling origami. Let your Imaginations Run Wild: Kids can also use their imagination to make any type of origami they wish. Let’s do a garden of flowers or a flock of birds!



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