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Plastic Flatware | 96 PC Set | Opulence | Pearl Mint

Plastic Flatware | 96 PC Set | Opulence | Pearl Mint

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WHATS IN THE BOX: This disposable silverware set includes: 24 spoons, 24 knives and 48 forks. That is all you need for your next event! PREMIUM QUALITY: Non-toxic, Made from high grade heavyweight plastic materials, Safe to use for hot, wet, or cold foods MODERN DESIGN: The long sleek handles is what makes this flatware set stand out. Use them to upgrade any event to give it a modern, up to date look. STURDY AND DURABLE: This cutlery set is sturdy enough to use with heavy foods and steaks. No one will know that these are disposable, made of premium plastic materials, the secret is yours. CONVENIENCE: These utensils are the hassle-free alternative to real silverware. Simply dispose of after the party and relax. You can also hand-wash and reuse them if you wish.



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