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Valentine's Day Bug Catching Set, 36 pcs

Valentine's Day Bug Catching Set, 36 pcs

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This happy valentines day party favor supplies set includes 36 valentines day bags with 36 matching valentine's cards.

The kids’ bug set comes in 18 different bugs, including butterflies, dragonflies, scorpions, spiders, ladybugs, praying mantes, cockroaches, grasshoppers, and giant ants.

Cool Designs: The 36 pieces of cards come in 6 different colors, each illustrated with cute jar designs for you to match the “love bugs”.

Safety first: This Valentine’s Day Kids Bug Set with Cards is guaranteed to be safe for your children. We use only non-toxic materials and the card set is CPSIA-compliant. We follow strict safety guidelines and all of our products are tested to ensure they are safe for your children. We want you to have a worry-free shopping experience and we take pride in providing you with a safe and quality product.



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