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Valentine's Day Food Themed Stickers Set

Valentine's Day Food Themed Stickers Set

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The Valentine’s Party Pack includes: 30 Puzzle Erasers, 60 Stickers, 30 Temporary Tattoos and 30 Valentines Cards.

We have designed 6 unique Foods ( Hamburger, Ice Cream, Doughnut, Coca-Cola, Pizza, Cake) elements for each category of accessories!

Cool Phrases: There are 6 Kids Valentine's Day phrases on the cards that humorously match with the holiday theme, which include “you make my heart melt!”, “ you have a pizza my heart!”, “ I love you a waffle lot!”, “ you are my best tea!”, “I donut know what I'd do without you!”, and “you are the only bun for me!”

High Quality: The Pazzle Erasers using high-quality rubber material, brightly-colored and easy to use. In the meantime, all tattoo stickers in this valentine's goody bag can be removed thoroughly and safely using soap water.

Individually-Wrapped:For the sake of cleanliness and giftability, the Emoji Eraser 30-Pack holds each item within its own individual packaging.



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